Monday, 11 April 2011

Stopping Installshield reboots

After making a package using the above method I found that the machine was rebooting after installation even after attempting to suppress reboot.
Natually I thought that there must be something in setup.iss that was causing this and I was correct. If you need to stop a reboot in this situation, open up setup.iss, scroll to the bottom and change "BootOption=3" to "BootOption=0" and voila, no more reboot.


  1. Thanks,
    I was having same issue which you described over here.
    I made contact so many times with Computer Support but no one gave me resolution of this issue.
    Thanks to you again...

  2. Glad to help.
    Interestingly that website has been down for some time. Doesn't bode well for their services ;)